The ABC’s of Colors & Painting

It’s time to give your walls a paint-facelift but with the range of colors available, it can be daunting trying to decide which colors to choose.

To assist you in figuring out which color scheme is best, begin with a checklist of the ABC’s to help guide you to a successful and colorful conclusion.

The “A” List

Attitude is a factor when it comes to creating atmosphere in your home. How you want each room to feel is reflected in the color of the walls and the style of decor you’ve chosen to represent your inner you. Styles include a variety of choices from contemporary and eclectic to Mediterranean and Southwestern.

The goal of paint is to add that extra touch of pizzazz or finesse to complete the look, feel and ambiance of the room. Depending on your style, choose room colors that enhance, highlight and complement the entire room including furniture, accessories and floor coverings.

The “B” List

Balance between what you want and what you have to work with goes hand in hand. For homeowners with rooms receiving limited natural light, bright paint colors may be the best option. Rooms with limited square footage also benefit from the use of lighter colors as it tends to open up a room giving the illusion of more space. Light colored walls also reflect the sun’s rays allowing better energy conservation.

For an especially bright and sunny room, tone it down a level by using soft pastels. The most energy efficient way control brightness is by installing window treatments. You also have the option of painting with a darker color but keep in mind, dark colored paint absorbs sunlight.

The “C” List

Color and creativity go hand in hand when choosing paint. It’s all about your tone and how you want to reflect it through color. There is no right or wrong when it comes to personal preference. Some homeowners prefer pristine walls of flat or semi-gloss white because the color doesn’t interfere or compete with furniture or decorative objects in the room while others prefer subtle hues while yet another group may choose sassy, bold and brilliant colors.

In a nutshell, color scheme and sheen are two areas to consider when choosing paint. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and utilize color schemes that may seem unusual or colors that you wouldn’t normally use. For example, think of the iris flower. Deep purple highlighted with white or yellow; stunning. Another visual out-of-the box theme is creating an accent wall (seen below) by painting 3 walls one color and offsetting it by painting the 4th a color that shouts “wow.” With accent walls, you create an instant visual effect.

Incorporate the use of online tools available at paint centers to mix and match colors and virtually apply the paint to pictures of interior walls. This free tool allows you to be creative, see the effect ainstantly and make adjustments to color selections before actually painting the walls.