Share Your Story

Homeowner? Eco Lover? Designer? Architect? If you love writing about improving your home, we’d love to see what you’ve got. This is not an invitation for your 300-word, keyword stuffed, SEO-oriented guest-post. Rather, a community for home renovation experts who want to connect, share their insight with others and be heard.

Interested in becoming a regular contributor?

Becoming a regular contributor would mean posting 3 to 4 times a month, on a variety of home renovation topics. We are seeking talented bloggers in the home improvement industry that love to write, have the knowledge and are willing to answer questions within the community.

Want to guest post every so often?

We are not only looking for regular contributors, but those that may want to guest post once a month or even less. If you enjoy blogging and can contribute relevant, well-written pieces on the topic of renovation for the modern homeowner, then we’d love to see what you have.

Visit our Guest Post Guidelines page BEFORE you contact us. We want to make sure you understand what we’re looking for before you send your contribution. It saves time and makes things easier for everyone.

What topics does Dwellovation cover?

These are just a few ideas of what we would ideally like to talk about. Anything to do with home ownership and renovation, state of the home improvement industry, even your personal renovation story — we want to hear about it!

Oh, Scrap – Cleaning up after a major renovation or clearing space for new improvements; where and how we deal with excess materials

Dig it Up – gardening, landscaping, adding a swimming pool — outdoor re-invigoration

Hit the Deck – whether adding a deck to your home or repairing an old dock — we ‘wood’ like to hear about it

A Home is a Window to the Soul – neat window designs, energy efficiency or just about anything to do with windows

Power Up – the electrical system to ones home keeps almost everything running in tune. From rewiring your house to installing solar panels, we want to hear about power (and how to save it!)

Lights Out – cool chandeliers, the newest energy efficient light bulbs or outdoor lighting is cool with us

Toward a Firm Foundation – cracked foundation horror stories? Installing piers and posts for your deck? Share it with us

Trash This House – gutting your home for an upcoming renovation or addition? Let us know how it goes (tips, tricks and stories are welcome)

Historic Renovation – looking to keep it old school? Not a problem. Using a materials from structure’s past is a great way to keep costs cheap and add historical value to your home

Disaster Home Repair – those in preparation mode for an upcoming natural disaster or cleaning up from a recent event can share their experiences and tips here

Dwell / Retire – if retirement is in the near future, take a look around and find ways to make your home work for you. Ramps, repaving even elevators are not out of the question.

These are just a few ideas that cover a small portion of what Dwellovation is about. Have other topic ideas? Shoot us a note and suggest a topic.