Remodeling – Let’s Get Kid Friendly

When remodeling your home, it is important that you keep your kids in mind, especially if you have small children. There are many home modifications and alterations that you can make during a remodel that will make your home a safer place for everyone. All areas of the home can be remodeled in a kid-friendly way with many modifications in the bathroom; kitchen and bedrooms making your kids feel right at home. Let your children help with the plans and you will be surprised how much they can help you come up with modifications that will benefit them. By letting children select materials, come up with design ideas and ask their opinions they will feel appreciated and involved throughout the remodeling process.

Kids Rooms

Let’s start with children’s bedrooms, where kids spend the most time. This is the place where you want to make the most modifications and design alterations to accommodate your children needs. Your child’s bedroom isn’t just where they lay down their head at night, it is also the place where they read, play, listen to music and hang out with friends. When remodeling consider the age of your children as well as the way in which they use their room to help you design a perfect space. Built in furniture such as loft beds, bunk beds, dressers, shelves, desks and coves for reading are great for kids’ rooms and can often create the illusion of a larger room if you are working with limited space. Make the most out of existing space you have and be sure to consider all of your kids’ activities to ensure that their room is the perfect space for them.


Lots of time is spent in the kitchen, and because of this you will want to consider your family when planning to remodel your kitchen. One great family friendly idea is to create a space that functions both as a kitchen and family room. Add a television, seating and a size appropriate table to create a child friendly space in your kitchen. Regardless of what design you choose, make sure that your kitchen design has lots of cabinets, closets and storage spaces. By creating a well-organized space, kids will be able to help out in the kitchen with ease. If you have small children, make sure that you choose fabrics and materials that are easily able to be cleaned as well as incorporate furniture slip covers when possible to help your furniture to stay clean.


When remodeling a bathroom, there are modifications that you can make; although most kid friendly design modifications should come in the form of home décor. After all, kids grow up quick and you do not want to have to remodel your bathroom again in a few years. Include lots of storage to make room for all of your kid’s bathroom supplies and toys and make sure that all materials you choose are kid friendly, durable and easy to clean. If you have small children include step stools or easily removable stairs which will be able to be removed once your children have outgrown this need. Include surfaces that are non-slip and use easy to grip hardware. The key is to make sure that you create a space that is able to grow with your child.