Guest Post Guidelines

Here are Dwellovation’s guest posting guidelines for what you need to follow before offering a contribution:

  1. Be a good great writer – we are looking for relevant, well-written pieces (no: shady/SEO-oriented stuff, typos, grammar issues etc.)
  2. Minimum 400 words — while word count is not the end-all be-all, we like our posts to contain some meat!
  3. Take a look at some of our topic ideas on the Share Your Story page, maybe you’ll find some inspiration
  4. Include a picture related to your topic (high-res images are a plus)
  5. The post should be 100% unique — we will check to see if it’s posted elsewhere (and please don’t post it after we have)
  6. Links – non self-serving links can be included within the post (if they add value and are a credible source)
  7. Author Byline – give us a nice little paragraph about yourself. You may include a link to your Google + profile and one to your own site

Once all of the above criteria have been met, head over to the Contact Us page and submit your topic idea — we will get back to you promptly.