15 Can’t-Miss Renovations

I’ll do a quick post like this every month or two, scouring the web (mostly Pinterest) for the most vivacious transformations and remodeling projects. The fit and finish on these amazing homes leaves nothing left to be desired.

If you’re thinking renovating [a part of] your home, these lovely end-results and before-and-after’s should give you some inspiration to stop waiting around and start your dwellovation today!

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For You First Time Homeowners

Some tips and tricks for first time, on a budget buyers looking to spruce up their home

You’ve bought your first home and while it’s in good shape, it could use a little remodeling and renovating. The problem is you don’t know where to begin, which projects you can do and which ones need a professional contractor.

Depending on how much hands-on, do-it-yourself knowledge you possess, there are quite a few renovation projects that are easily accomplished. If your knowledge is limited, there are many websites, videos, how-to articles and online tools to help you get started.

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Major Home Renovations – When Are They Worth It?

After years of a floundering housing market, it appears that the tide has finally turned, and this industry is picking up steam once again. However, it certainly has not returned to its early-2000 highs, and homeowners must be careful when investing in major renovations. No matter how beautiful the results, sometimes the cost of a project just can’t be recouped. That said, there are a few tried-and-true areas that come with a higher likelihood of getting a return on investment.

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