Talking ROI – Home Renos That Yield The Highest Return

When contemplating home renovation projects that will bring the highest return when you decide to sell, it’s important to choose the projects wisely. Key areas of the home that interest potential buyers include the kitchen, bathroom, square footage and interior and exterior paint, followed by floors, windows and appliances.

A critical point to remember is not to go overboard and make renovations that exceed the home’s look or out-price the rest of the home. Compromise by blending the new look with the old to retain the overall style of the house while keeping remodeling costs reasonable.

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Real Estate Agents & Brokers – Which one is right for me?

You’re looking for a house for the first time, and everyone has some advice for you, especially when it comes to real estate agents. You’re hearing who you should and should not use, and why.

Here’s a secret: choosing the correct real estate agent is the last step before buying a home, not the first. Unless, of course, you want to buy their image of your dream home.

The top two important decisions you will make are the location where you want to live that is convenient to your life, and finances. Both of these factors are important in choosing a real estate agent.

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