Home Maintenance Checklist

Tips for keeping your home running in tip top shape broken down into monthly, quarterly and annually

Owning a home comes with many obvious advantages, but one notable disadvantage is that you are now solely responsible for the maintenance and repair of your home. You can’t just simply call your landlord when something goes wrong. Some maintenance and repair issues will be more obvious than others. So to make sure you’ve got everything covered, keep along this handy home maintenance checklist around to stay on track.

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7 Summer Friendly Renovations For Your Home

There are numerous projects and renovations that you can do to your house that are either easier to accomplish in the summer or just not feasible when the colder seasons hit. Whether you are attempting to perform these tasks yourself or are hiring a contractor to do it for you, both parties will be glad you did these when it’s not 10 degrees outside.

Reasons why summertime is better for these home renovations:

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Backyard’s that Rival Resorts

Beautiful Resort…Wait, that’s someone’s backyard!

I simply cannot deny that most of these fabulous views, landscapes and backyards (if you can even call them that) outshine some of the vacation spots I’ve had the privilege of visiting (talking Caribbean Islands, hills of Italy and top of the Rocky Mountains). Whether they’re dropped on the edge of a mountain, set overlooking a lake, or so enormous you could host a royal wedding, these backyards are some of the greatest we’ve seen.

22 backyards — here we go:

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