About Us

What we’re all about

Renovation / Innovation / Inspiration / Conservation / Collaboration – That’s where Dwellovation was born.

Simply put – Dwellovation is about making home renovation for modern living accessible to today’s homeowners. Whether we’re talking about improving aesthetics, making your home more ‘Eco-conscious’ or sharing innovative modern designs, we are dedicated to making that place we call home, better!

Our Team – who we are

Cameron Murphy, a future homeowner who loves to write about making ‘home’ a better place to live. Cameron grew up helping his family perform major renovations — from full kitchen remodels to installing foundations. He is a basketball fanatic (both on the court and TV – go Heat!), skier, dog-owner and love’s everything about the outdoors.

Scott Hepburn, co-founder of Dwellovation, first dipped his toe into the home ownership waters in 2003, picked up a hammer, and immediately began breaking things. Dozens of Home Depot trips later, one thing is obvious: Scott Hepburn and DIY home renovation don’t belong together.

With Dwellovation, Scott combines two of his favorite pastimes, storytelling and remodeling. Blending 15 years of journalism, copywriting and public relations experience with his love for home renovation, he has traded in drywall and plaster for a keyboard and a camera, thus preserving his home’s structural integrity for one more day.