7 Summer Friendly Renovations For Your Home

There are numerous projects and renovations that you can do to your house that are either easier to accomplish in the summer or just not feasible when the colder seasons hit. Whether you are attempting to perform these tasks yourself or are hiring a contractor to do it for you, both parties will be glad you did these when it’s not 10 degrees outside.

Reasons why summertime is better for these home renovations:

  • Labor tends to be less-expensive in the warmer months
  • Contractors rather sweat than freeze – this can play into cost negotiations
  • You may be more likely to be a vacation or away during summer months – if you trust your contactor enough, they can complete the job while you’re gone

The following ideas are not entirely dependent on being completed during summer months, but depending on where you live, it can work to your advantage.


If you’re outdoor patio or deck looks seasoned or was built with non-treated wood, tile or stone, it may have seen better days. If you live in the North or a location where winter precipitation is abundant, you should look into patio or deck flooring options that can withstand inclement weather (ice, snow, hail, heavy rain). It may cost more up front, but will look better and serve you well for many years. Take a look at these composite decking options which require low to no-maintenance, won’t scratch or scrape and will probably outlast the stay at your home.


Depending if you have an asphalt drive, stone, or brick driveway, you may want to look at replacing this often overlooked part of your home during the summer. This is a great renovation to have done while you are away from home or on vacation, and can be completed within a day or two.


Let’s put it this way – if you are looking to sell your home, have friends over or host an awesome summer party, it’s always nice to have an attractive landscape. Brown grass, wilted flowers and your neighbors staring at you through the fence is no way to enjoy your summer and privacy. There is no better time to lay sod, plant flowers and create a shrub/tree/bush barrier between your neighbors than in the summer. Let that vegetation flourish and enjoy it before old man winter swings back around.


Who doesn’t love to take a dip when it’s 100 degrees, especially if you live in the South. If you find yourself visiting the neighbors pool more often than they do, it’s probably time to build your own. There are many cheaper alternatives to in-ground pools if your budget doesn’t allow for this type of expenditure. You, your kids and new found friends will be happy you decide to do so. Pools can also be a great centerpiece to a yard, and can inspire you to build a backyard that you’re proud of. This can mean only one thing – pool parties!


If the house you happened to purchase a home that only has a one car garage (or complete lack thereof), you may find yourself wanting to cover up that new car you just bought. Adding a garage is basically a home addition, as in most cases you will want to make it blend seamlessly with the rest of the house.


Your roof keeps you warm, dry and void of the elements outside. That is why it’s important to make sure it is in tip-top shape. There are so many roofing options to choose from (slate, cedar, asphalt, metal, tile – the list goes on) and depending where you live, one type may serve better than the other. Not only does replacing an existing roof make a house safer to live in, but can help lower energy bills, increase the value of your home, and look amazing too! Check out this awesome cedar roof, it makes this house look astonishing:

Siding/Exterior Finish

Like each of the previously mentioned renovations, it’s a no-brainer why any sort of exterior home modification should be performed during the summer. Transporting and installing materials in nice whether can have less setbacks, higher productivity which equals the job getting done faster. Replacing brick, stone and all other siding materials can add tremendous curb appeal and value to your home, especially if you’re looking to sell. While this type of renovation may not be the least expensive, it is the most noticeable. If you are looking for more eco-friendly options check out Sierra Green Clubs post on what types of siding options are available for those wanting to be conscious about the environment.

With longer days, nicer weather and being in a better mood, summer is an opportune time to get stuff done, make your house look and feel better to get ready for the summertime parties. Happy renovating!

photos: houzz, daniel chodusov